Wedges . . .the shoes men don’t like!

I read this article in various forms a bunch of times.  Here’s a link to the article:  Wedges Kill Sex Drive.  The article, of course isn’t titled this way, but I think it’s better and this is my blog, so I get to call it what I want.  The basic tenet is that men don’t think wedges are sexy.  They aren’t.  They are the most comfortable form of the heel, though.  For women who are oIMG_3492n their feet all day, the wedge is going to be better for your feet and back overall.  This is,
of course, only my opinion from my personal experience and discussion with my friends at the Starbucks counter.  You know I like my comfort, and I like my heels.  While this seems like a win/win, I do have to admit that knowing that the boys look upon my wedges with a fair amount of disdain may make me pause when purchasing new shoes.

That being said, I wore these on a very sad occasion, so I’m happy to leave them off my feet for the fear that they may remind me of that time.

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