Sometimes you’ve gotta go comfortable . . .

Here’s the thing.  I love myself some high heeled shoes.  I’ve really never been one to be able to bust out the six inch stilettos, and because I’m 5’7″, I never really felt I needed to because I felt tall.  Then I married a 6 foot 2 inch dude who tells me I’m short all the time.  I wish he was around when I was in 7th grade looking for one boy tall enough to dance with me . . . .Sperry1

But here’s the thing, as I make my way through my shoe closet, it’s important that I mix it up a bit.  The 40+ set (sigh, yes, that’s me) need to take care of our feet.  And these Sperrys do the trick.  Ultra comfortable, and the angelfish style (shorter rise) is the best design they have.  Their standard style (with the higher rise) doesn’t look good on anyone who has a size 8 or larger.  Sperry has done some good stuff lately – in the 80’s I wouldn’t have been caught dead in them, and when my friend’s daughter was forced to wear them in her new private school, I told her she should stay in the public school.  These ugly babies are teen abuse, especially when paired with plaid skirts.  Yikes!  cdr4hgkevThe best thing about these Sperrys is the comfort, but don’t dismiss the bling – gotta love silver shoes – even if they are {gasp!} loafers.

Back to the high heel issue – you’ve gotta mix it up to keep your feet healthy.  Or else you could end up like this:

Morton's Neuroma

Mom’s foot after her surgery for Morton’s Neuroma.

This is my mother’s foot after years of satisfying her latent hooker tendencies in four inch heels.  She had to have surgery for a condition called Morton’ s Neuroma.   I’m not a doctor, but poor mom was in pain (a condition my dad did not appropriately sympathize with, earning him a spot on the infamous list that the women in our family use, and it’s not a good list to be on!)  After surgery, she’s going to be fine, but I think the 4 inch heels are permanently tabled.   Along with the latent hooker tendencies.  She is 73, so it’s probably appropriate.

So the lesson here is this:  As with everything, heels should be used in moderation.  And if you feel foot pain, take care of it right away.  If you are a husband, stay away from the list.  It’s not a good place to me.  Ciao!


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