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I went through a Tory Burch obsession about four years ago.  These lovely espadrilles were my first pair of the style (I’ve since bought a luscious pair of Chanel semi-conversion espadrille . . . mmm, mmm, mmm . . .cute as pie), and I took some heat because they aren’t, well, let’s face it, the most SEXY SHOE IMG_3451Blog1available, right??  One of the things you will quickly learn from me is that I am willing to sacrifice sex appeal for comfort, every once in a while  . . . . as long as my face doesn’t become synonymous with ‘sensible shoes.’  I’m old, but not that old.   These Tory’s are super comfortable and worth the sacrifice, but with her shoes, don’t expect too much comfort.  Tory makes beauties, she does, but if you have a wider foot you won’t be as comfortable in these shoes as you would in others.  I size up to 9.5 – I’m typically a 9, and that doesn’t help much.  Tory must have a thin foot and no bunion bone.


This is how my foot feels in Tory’s flats!

I have no sign of a bunion at all, but I feel like I do when I wear her flats.  Still, I wear them.  They are just too cute to leave in the closet!

These Tory Burch Espadrilles are comfortable Tory Burch, though.  She hasn’t made them in two years, but I’d love to get another pair.  Of course, only when I’ve worn all the others . . . .