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Shoes for the movies . . . .

The movies are great this time of year.  Hollywood isn’t trying to force some poor excuse for entertainment down my throat as they do doing ‘AWARDS SEASON’ which is just code for “Stay home and rent movies from last summer.”  I mean, I enjoyed how innovative it was for director Richard Linklater to film a movie over the course of eleven or so years, but I can’t help but react to Boyhood as my daughter did once it was over. . . .Two hours of my life

Don’t even get me started on Birdman.  Who doesn’t love Michael Keaton?  Clearly the person who tried to get him Oscar buzz.  I got through ten minutes of that movie.  Just couldn’t do it.

What does this have to do with shoes?  Not much, except I went to the movies the day I wore these questionable pumps from Bernie Mev.  IMG_3471From my viewpoint, these looked great.  But when I look back on them, I can’t help but think that my foot just doesn’t look good.  Plus, the platform was so slender that my foot kept falling off of it.  That’s a recipe for a sprained ankle from those of us who may be, ahem, less than coordinated.  Still for $60 +/- a few bucks, Bernie Mevs are a comfortable shoe.

IMG_3467And Thor is hot.  Plus, how entertaining was the Avengers: Age of Ultron??  Way better than watching an angst filled teen work through his awkward years in real life.  I have enough of that here at home with two teenagers.  Why do I have to pay $10 to see another??

Summer movies!  YAY!