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It’s entirely possible that I have a bit of a shoe problem.  I never used to be like this – I was frugal with shoes – never spent more than $40 on a pair until the woman who worked for me, when I was an executive at a large bath and body care retailer, looked down one day, scrunched up her nose (like I farted!) and told me to buy some shoes so I ‘looked like I worked in fashion.’  I never really thought selling lemon-scented hand soap qualified as fashion, but I only lasted five years there, so what do I know? . . . . Anyway, I digress.  My office neighbor – a beautiful gay man took that comment as an opportunity to fix my style . . . .

“I agree, the shoes are awful.  While you’re at it, quit hiding the girls.  Everyone sees them, bring ’em to the party.”

That night, I told my husband what happened to me.  His response?  “You do have bad shoes.”  That night, we  bought my first pair of designer shoes . . . kitten heel slingbacks, Vera Wang . . . yummy.

He regrets that day.  The rest is history.

Earlier this year I was gathering my throw-away clothes and browsing through my shoe collection . . . and I noticed that I had quite a few pairs of shoes that I hadn’t worn . . . and I’m not talking running shoes (those do tend to gather dust . . .), I’m talking about pricey designer shoes that needed an ‘occasion’ to wear them.  The fact that they were still sitting in boxes is my insanity.

I vowed that day that I would wear every pair of shoes in my closet before I bought another pair, and I’m inviting you along for my shoe journey!  This is my story.

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